Wadsworth prides itself on being a full HVAC service company

HVAC Equipment

HVAC Equipment
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units are some of the highest maintenance needs any professional building may have. Wadsworth prides itself on being a full HVAC service company, from design, installation, maintenance and repair, we can fulfill all of your company's HVAC needs with minimal downtime. Our expert staff has experience in a wide variety of projects, from ground up construction to a full overhaul of your existing HVAC infrastructure. Let our expert staff evaluate your project's ventilation needs and create a proposal that is both comprehensive and cost effective, meeting your environmental needs as efficiently as possible. Wadsworth's design team has a proven track record of saving cost on the front end, with new technology and scalable environmental systems, while focusing on providing you an efficient and low cost solution that can save you money on utilities for the life of the building.

Our clients have seen the benefits of working with Wadsworth Solutions, including:

  • lower installation and hardware costs
  • lower annual operating costs for the life of the unit
  • reduced maintenance costs and upkeep costs
  • high energy efficiency
  • quiet operation units
  • superior indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • full service maintenance program
  • projects and systems tailored to customer needs
  • custom orders and designs for specialized systems

We can provide Chillers, Air Handlers, Rooftop Units - Coils, Fan Coils, Unit Ventilators, Air-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, Water-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, Variable Volume Refrigerant Systems Mini Splits, VRV Systems and Controls and much more.

At Wadsworth, our ability to deliver energy efficient HVAC solutions is the result of strong manufacturing partnerships and engineering expertise. Where conventional firms offer few products or have one equipment provider, we specialize in facility-wide solutions. Our comprehensive approach is backed by HVAC equipment and building automation control systems from leading manufacturers from around the globe.


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