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Security and Surveillance Systems

Whether securing your facility at night, keeping an eye on daily activities, or keeping your critical data safe from unwanted intrusions, Wadsworth solutions has a long history of security system design and implementation that can keep your facility secure at all times. We have designed closed circuit television systems, building access security systems and alarms, emergency alert systems, keycard and photo ID systems, and other comprehensive security and surveillance systems. In addition, we will work with you to design and map emergency response systems and protocols, and can help you interact with local authorities or manned guard services to ensure that your facility and personnel are protected at all times.

Wadsworth has an exceptional reputation for security and facility access designs, and has become one of the fastest growing security design and implementation firms in the Midwest. We have completed projects for private, corporate and governmental clients to ensure that their facilities are fully equipped and that supervisors have all of the information and surveillance they need to have peace of mind on a day to day basis. Make sure that your customers and your employees feel safe at all times, and that your important records and documents are being kept secure at all time.

Partnership with Pelco security technology
Wadsworth Solutions has the ability to use state of the art technology, combined with years of experience to produce a safe and secure environment in which to operate your facility. As one of the largest Pelco representatives in Ohio, we are committed to providing our clients with the best and most reliable video products on the market. Our complete security offering also includes access control, video management, CCTV, and electronic visitor management systems.

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