Wadsworth Solutions

24/7 Service and Support for All Systems

Wadsworth understands that every minute your processes aren’t functioning correctly is money being lost. Our staff of on call service technicians are capable of fixing most problems on site, and restoring your business to full functioning as quickly as possible.

We provide service and support all of the systems that we install, operating a fleet of technicians and service experts able to be at your facility at the first sign of trouble. In addition to our main service number, we have an emergency hotline with staff available 24/7.

Main Service and Support Number: 419.861.8181
Emergency After Hours Service Number: 419.534.3996

The Power of a Single Point-of-Service

Your company needs to be running on all cylinders every day, and any unnecessary downtime or delay can cost you significant time and money. Those problems are compounded when you have to hunt down the right person to find a solution for every problem. At Wadsworth, we act as the single point of contact for all of your systems, so you know that no matter what the problem may be, a service expert is available 24/7.

Take the guess work out of running your HVAC, lighting, safety and security systems by putting one team in charge of providing all the maintenance and support you need. Make your building systems one less headache to manage, so you can focus on where you’re needed most.