Making your job easier and your operations more efficient through automating technology at Wadsworth Soultions

Building Automation Engineering Services

Making your job easier and your operations more efficient through automating technology

Building operations and maintenance is one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of a operating an industrial or commercial facility. From planning maintenance schedules to engaging and disengaging environmental controls, even simple tasks can be challenging and costly.

Wadsworth Engineering specializes in removing these issues by implementing an automated building management system. Building automation is the centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a Building Management System or Building Automation System. We work with you to create a system of building automation processes, reducing your need for staff,  and saving time and money while improving your overall operational efficiency.

Wadsworth Solutions designs, builds and installs advanced building automation systems for businesses across the Midwest. We provide building automation systems focused on occupant safety, maximum energy efficiency and long lasting durability. By partnering with architects, engineers, owners and maintenance staff, we are able to offer a complete building automation solution for nearly any type of facility or industrial application.

Energy Efficient Buildings

  • Provide significant cost savings to building owners
  • Simplify operations and environmental controls
  • Use less energy and produce fewer CO2 emissions
  • Offer better living and working conditions
  • Have increased safety measures to keep staff safe
  • Fully customized systems to meet your company's needs
  • Are fully customizable to your needs and budget

Wadsworth takes building automation to a new level, by providing a complete set of engineering and technology solutions that centrally manage the operational information your building generates every day. From smaller data storage centers to some of the largest units in the Midwest, we can provide powerful HVAC control, environmental flexibility, and efficient energy management that all runs on fully automated and custom engineered systems.

Thanks to our fully flexible and customizable systems, Wadsworth can integrate and automate a wide choice of different building control features like heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, as well as safety features, energy optimization plans and equipment monitoring capabilities. Our team of expert designers and building automation engineers know how to make operational systems both efficient and affordable, and will customize a building automation program to fit your needs.

Our premier partner, Schneider Electric, makes it easy to integrate Modbus, LON, BACnet, Access Control and Digital Video Recording into one seamless platform for owners to consolidate the data and make time and money saving operating decisions. Building automation and data integration has never been easier to achieve than through Wadsworth's custom designed building automation programs.

How Wadsworth Engineers Differently

  • Represent over seven different Schneider Electric BMS product lines
  • Perform multi-vendor system integration
  • Support legacy system integration with newer technology
  • Capable of engineering fully integrated systems
  • Business and industrial automation process to save time and money
  • Fully customized systems to meet your company's needs
  • Specialize in building systems integration, including security, lighting and life safety

Contact a Wadsworth professional today to schedule an on site audit of your current building processes.  Find out what building automation solutions we offer, and how they might make your life easier and your building operations more affordable for owners and operations alike.

Automated building systems and maintenance aren't the technology of tomorrow, they are the smart way to do business today. Find out how Wadsworth can help update your business and mechanical functions with our custom engineered building automation technology. Call us today at (419) 861-8181 to schedule your free initial building automation review and consultation

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