Wadsworth Solutions

Planning and Design

Wadsworth's team of system engineers and evaluators are expert at new facility planning and design. We're responsible for hundreds of complete system designs, facility engineering and development from the ground up, ensuring that efficient energy utilization.

From conception to completion, Wadsworth will help you take the guesswork out of energy design and avoid costly retro-engineering on the back end. We have the know-how to design and engineer complete facility operating systems, guaranteeing cost savings and building longevity.

LEED Engineering

With an emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly construction options, LEED is a standardized system to ensure the most energy-efficient construction possible.
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Facility Operations

We combine system operations data and service expertise into actionable cost-saving opportunities to reduce energy use systemwide.
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Energy Efficiency

Reduce your facility’s operating expenses with our efficiency systems and smart energy programs.
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Systems Engineering

Wadsworth engineers create and implement the best solutions to meet the energy requirements of your commercial space.
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Building Sustainability

We’re one of the Toledo area’s most recognized firms in designing sustainable, efficient buildings for construction through the use of automation technology.
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Wadsworth design and engineering professionals will create the optimal system for meet your current needs and future growth. We design the system you need today, with the ability to scale as you grow, ensuring that your energy needs never outpace your infrastructure. Our system automation and efficiency implementation will help you achieve maximum output and energy yield every day of operations.


From design and installation to maintenance and repair, we can fulfill all of your company's HVAC needs with minimal downtime.

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We make sure your customers and employees feel safe at all times and that your important records and documents are always secure.

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Data Centers

Our top priority is to design, equip and manage facilities to protect data and ensure your business is unhindered by environmental or hardware failures.

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Building Automation

Our system of building automation processes saves time and money while improving your overall operational efficiency.

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By partnering with Wadsworth engineering consultants on the front end of your project, we can ensure the finished product is tailor-made to your needs while saving you valuable time and money during the design and development phases. Even more valuable? You have just one company responsible for design, implementation and maintenance, simplifying your life and eliminating ambiguity during the engineering and implementation process.

Service & Repairs

From environmental concerns to security and safety measures, our team provides high-quality engineering service and repairs, helping you design, construct and maintain the perfect building to suit your commercial or industrial needs.
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Parts Request

At Wadsworth, we believe in client satisfaction. We’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality parts for their facilities with our easy, efficient Parts Request process.
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24/7 Emergency Hotline

We offer around-the-clock service for any emergencies you might have with your project systems or services.
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