One of the most expensive and time-consuming factors of operating an industrial or commercial facility is building operations and maintenance. From planning maintenance schedules to engaging and disengaging environmental controls, even simple tasks can be challenging and costly.

Implementing an automated building management system with Wadsworth Solutions makes your job easier. A building management system gives you centralized control of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems. Building automation systems increase your overall operational efficiency. By deploying facility staff members with the proper tools, you save time and money. It isn’t just the technology of tomorrow. It’s the smart way to do business today.

From conception to completion, Wadsworth will help you take the guesswork out of energy design and avoid costly retro-engineering on the back end. We have the know-how to design and engineer complete facility operating systems, guaranteeing cost savings and building longevity.


  • Provide significant cost savings to building operators and owners
  • Simplify building operations and data collection
  • Superior connectivity formulating more usable occupancy trending, space sensing, critical logging and scheduling
  • Maximize efficiency and lifespan of HVAC equipment
  • Offer better living and working conditions to occupants
  • A 24/7 full staff of BMS engineers capable of supporting any unique system or network configuration
  • BMS network infrastructure design built for advanced user performance and reliable encrypted data flow
  • Fully customizable systems to meet your needs and budget


Wadsworth’s fully flexible and customizable systems integrate and automate various building disciplines such as HVAC, Lighting, Security, Power, Access Control, Critical IT Environments and many more. As well as safety features, energy optimization plans and critical equipment monitoring capabilities. Our team of expert designers and building automation engineers make operational systems both efficient and affordable and will customize a building automation program to fit any set of needs.

As a platinum partner of Schneider Electric US, our product offering communicates Native BACnet/IP, BACnet/MSTP, IPv6, Ethernet, Point-to-Point, LONworks, Modbus, Wifi(Zigbee). Proper control of HVAC equipment has never been easier to achieve than with Wadsworth’s custom-designed building systems.


We provide a complete set of engineering and technology solutions that centrally manage your building’s daily operational information. From small commercial spaces to large scale multi-site enterprises, we can provide reliable HVAC control, environmental flexibility and efficient energy management, all running on a fully automated user friendly custom interface.

  • Represent the complete line of Schneider Electric BMS products
  • Perform multi-vendor 3rd party system integrations & new construction
  • Support the most complex legacy migrations
  • Facility-wide fully integrated building connectivity & data compilation
  • Advanced automation processes that retain vital infrastructure & initial investment
  • Utilize fully customizable systems that to meet your facilities unique set of needs
  • Specialize in building systems integration of HVAC, security, lighting, power, data centers, critical device monitoring and many more.

Wadsworth Solutions designs, builds, installs, and supports advanced building automation systems for commercial facilities across the Midwest, focusing on occupant safety, maximum energy efficiency and long-lasting durability. We partner with architects, engineers, owners and maintenance staff to offer complete building automation solutions for nearly any type of facility or industrial application.

Contact a Wadsworth Solutions HVAC Controls representative today at 1-833-448-2287 or contact us to schedule a consultation and free onsite audit of your current building infrastructure, and discover our affordable custom-engineered building automation solutions.

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