Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment can be some of the highest initial costs commercial buildings may have. Wadsworth prides itself on supplying a full line of innovative and reliable HVAC products. From design to implementation, we can fulfill all of your company’s HVAC Equipment replacement needs with minimal downtime. Our expert staff has experience in a wide variety of projects, from ground-up construction to a full overhaul of your existing HVAC infrastructure.

Let our expert staff evaluate your project’s equipment needs and create a comprehensive, cost-effective proposal, meeting your environmental needs as efficiently as possible. Our design team has a proven track record of saving cost on the front end, utilizing new technology and scalable environmental systems while focusing on providing efficient, low-cost solutions that save you money on utilities and prolong the life of HVAC Equipment.


  • Air & Water Cooled Chillers
  • Air Handlers (Custom)
  • Packaged Rooftop Units (Semi-Custom)
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems
  • Split Systems
  • Packaged Terminal Units
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS)
  • Make-Up Air Units (MAU)
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Geothermal

  • Air & Water Sourced Heat Pumps
  • Dehumidification Units
  • Air Curtains
  • Electric Heating Products
  • Hot Water Heating Products
  • Boilers
  • Unit Heaters
  • Duct Heaters
  • Coils
  • Fan Coils

  • Unit Ventilators
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes
  • Pump Packages
  • Industrial Air Handlers
  • Modular Substations
  • Drives
  • Airflow Measuring
  • Dampers
  • Ice Storage
  • Light Commercial Packages

Our ability to deliver energy efficient HVAC solutions is the result of strong manufacturing partnerships and engineering expertise. Whereas conventional firms offer few products or have one equipment provider, we specialize in facility-wide solutions. Our comprehensive approach is backed by HVAC equipment from leading manufacturers across the globe.

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