Wadsworth supplies critical power, security and in-room cooling solutions for data storage facilities and data centers throughout Ohio and Michigan. Our team has designed facilities to house critical data centers for public schools, universities, federal and state government facilities, and other customers with highly sensitive information that need specified and responsive data storage environments. Our top priority is to design, equip and manage those facilities, protecting your data and ensuring that your business can continue unhindered by environmental or hardware failures.

Wadsworth has become one of the premier data center design and maintenance firms in the Midwest, able to achieve a level of control and security that surpasses what our customers can do on their own. We’ve been able to take our success with large-scale projects and scale them down for small-business application, giving even small private data centers access to technology and resources usually only available for large-scale projects.


Part of what makes Wadsworth such a compelling IT partner is our commitment to implementing leading technology and cutting-edge solutions for our customers. Wadsworth is proud to be an Elite Large Data Center (ELDC) partner for Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan. To achieve Elite Large Data Center status, Wadsworth’s design and consulting team was required to meet stringent data center requirements set forth by APC. Elite Large Data Center partners specialize in power, cooling, enterprise management, technical services and security for data centers. By obtaining these certifications, we have demonstrated Wadsworth’s commitment to mastering the design and build of complex solutions to optimize the operations of a dynamic data center.


We’ve been recognized as the top Elite Large Data Center Partner in North America. This award exemplifies our commitment to designing, engineering, and commissioning the most efficient data centers for our clients that serve their critical cooling and critical power needs. In just the past three years, we have completed over 500 different projects in the data center community. Wadsworth Solutions’ data center team is the group that engineers and facility owners engage when they have mission-critical environments that need attention.

Wadsworth is also proud to support APC business partners in the sales of APC products and services, specifically 3 Phase UPS Systems, Precision Air Conditioning and Infrastructure Management Software for facilities’ applications and data centers. In addition, we assist business partners throughout the project life cycle, including the assessment, design, configuration, installation and post-sale support processes. We provide maintenance and repair services for APC products as well as warranties and equipment monitoring.

With smaller environmental systems starting at only around 100kw, small-scale and private data centers can now enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of their much larger counterparts. Wadsworth Solutions, along with key strategic partners, has the experience needed to build and provide critical equipment that performs to meet our customer’s expectations.

Whether you are an engineer looking for a specific product or an end user looking for a turnkey solution for your data storage center needs, we can offer you the specialized technology, experience and services required for your mission critical environments.

For more information, please call us at 1-833-448-2287 or contact us.