Wadsworth Solutions specializes in improving your building’s performance, avoiding repairs and improving your bottom line. Reduce your facility’s operating expenses with our efficiency systems and smart energy programs. Our engineers will maintain, monitor and automate facility systems, ensuring optimal operating and energy efficiency at all times.


  • Energy Utilization Assessments
  • Demand-side energy management
  • Supply-side energy management
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Continuous commissioning
  • Utilization measurement and verification
  • Facility Benchmarking and Detailed Analytics


Wadsworth will provide real-time feedback on the building’s energy consumption, including Electric, gas and water. We will also cross reference this with weather and temperature patterns to provide an accurate depiction of your total energy consumption.


Through our auditing process and analytical energy evaluation, our team will be able to identify key energy draws within the facility and create solutions to limit or reduce their direct consumption. By improving energy efficiency on a macro and micro scale, Wadsworth is able to reduce your overall energy consumption and your utility bill at the same time.


Wadsworth analysts go beyond simple utility bill auditing, and identify facility-based power supply savings that other firms cannot. We will negotiate with utility companies on your behalf to manage the end-to-end implementation of power saving suggestions, while maintaining system reliability and integrity. As your partner, Wadsworth will reduce your supply-side costs by navigating the complex energy landscape with a data-driven approach that delivers immediate savings and rate stabilization.


Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for identifying less-than-optimal performance in your facility’s equipment, lighting and control systems and making the necessary adjustments. Wadsworth analysts specialize in creating more efficient, and less expensive, ways to utilize the equipment that is already in place in your facility.


Like Retro-Commissioning, Continuous Commissioning is a technique used to evaluate and reduce less-than-optimal energy performance in your existing facility and equipment. Where Retro-Commissioning is a periodic process that requires regularly scheduled service, Continuous Commissioning relies on constant monitoring and software systems to receive real-time feedback and make adjustments accordingly. By using this monitoring system, facilities can be more responsive to energy demands, and update consumption needs as the system runs. This includes a review and analysis of historical energy use and operating data over time, ensuring that the facility and its systems are running at peak efficiency constantly.


Wadsworth systems are maintained through real-time feedback on energy consumption of key building operating data, including electric, gas, bandwidth and other forms of energy consumption in the building. We cross-reference this with external temperature, humidity and weather to track energy trends over time and plan accordingly. By using constant measurement and verification, Wadsworth’s engineers are able to maximize your savings and help predict energy use and costs over time.


Once we’ve obtained our measurements, the next step is rating your building’s performance compared to similar buildings within your industry. Wadsworth will compare the Energy Star ratings for your building across similar facilities and determine what can be done to bring you more in line with industry norms if necessary. We can also compile an environmental index of floors or even individual business units to better determine operating efficiency on a micro level as well. By aligning energy consumption with benchmarking trends, we can identify potential energy issues and bring your entire facility below industry norms.


Wadsworth’s team of system engineers and evaluators excel at new facility planning and design. We’re responsible for hundreds of complete system designs, facility engineering and development from the ground up, ensuring that your energy utilization is as efficient as possible. Let Wadsworth take the guesswork out of energy design from the earliest stages of development, avoiding costly retro-engineering on the back end. We have the experience, knowledge and experience to design and engineer complete facility operating systems, guaranteeing you save time and money over the life of your facility.

Wadsworth design and engineering professionals will create the optimal system to meet your current needs and future growth. We design the system you need today, with the ability to scale as you grow, ensuring that your energy needs never outpace your infrastructure. Our system automation and efficiency implementation will help you achieve maximum output and energy yield every day of operations.


The Wadsworth team is a certified Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design firm. LEED is fundamentally changing the way buildings are being planned, constructed and maintained. With an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and eco-friendly construction options, LEED has created a standardized system to ensure the most energy efficient construction possible. We are proud to be one of the few LEED certified energy engineering firms in Northwest Ohio, and have been helping create and manage energy efficient buildings throughout Ohio and Michigan.

With our LEED accreditation, we are able to provide the following services to our clients:

  • Submission of LEED project applications
  • Project and certifying document coordination
  • Government liaison for LEED projects
  • Certified LEED training programs
  • LEED certified energy modeling program
  • Access to LEED software for project analysis
  • Facility use and optimization analysis compliant with LEED guidelines
  • LEED project compliance evaluations

For more information about The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation, and how to get your project LEED certified, please call Wadsworth today at (419) 861-8181, or visit the LEED informational page.


The core of Wadsworth’s facility management program is to implement changes that yield improved energy performance, saving your company money in the short and long term. Wadsworth combines system operations data and our service expertise into actionable cost-saving opportunities. By identifying opportunities to reduce consumption and using cost-effective ways to implement those changes, Wadsworth can reduce system-wide energy use. The end result is greater control over operating expenses, improved system efficiencies and dramatic cost savings.

Wadsworth Solutions designs, builds and installs advanced building control systems that provide occupant safety, maximum energy efficiency and long lasting durability. By partnering with building architects, engineers, owners and maintenance staff, we are able to offer a complete facility operations solution that results in a high level of comfort, safety and savings, helping to satisfy both building owners and occupants.