The core of Wadsworth’s facility management program is to yield greater control over operating expenses, improve energy performance and system efficiencies and save clients money in the short and long term. We combine system operations data and service expertise into actionable, cost-saving opportunities, like reducing system-wide energy consumption.

We design, build and install advanced building control systems that provide occupant safety, maximum energy efficiency and long-lasting durability to satisfy both building owners and occupants. By partnering with building architects, engineers, owners and maintenance staff, we are able to offer a complete facility operations solution that results in a high level of comfort, safety and savings.

Wadsworth provides facility engineering and design services for new construction, remodeling and retrofit projects. Not only can we provide you with the best system to meet your needs, but we can also provide you the training and maintenance support to ensure that your environmental system will maintain its long-term energy efficiency and reliability.



Wadsworth prides itself on being a full HVAC service company, from design, installation, maintenance and repair: we fulfill all your company’s HVAC needs with minimal downtime. 


We design, equip and manage facilities with state-of-the-art data centers across the Midwest, protecting your data and ensuring that your business can continue unhindered by environmental or hardware failures. 


No matter what your security needs are, Wadsworth Solutions has a long history of security system design and implementation to keep your facility secure at all times. 


Wadsworth Engineering specializes in removing time and cost issues by implementing an automated building management system.