Wadsworth is a certified Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) firm. LEED is fundamentally changing the way buildings are being planned, constructed and maintained. Emphasizing energy efficiency, sustainability and eco-friendly construction options, LEED has created a standardized system to ensure the most energy-efficient construction possible. We are proud to be one of the few LEED-certified energy engineering firms in Northwest Ohio, and have been helping develop and manage energy-efficient buildings throughout Ohio and Michigan.

  • Submission of LEED project applications
  • Project and certifying document coordination
  • Government liaison for LEED projects
  • Certified LEED training programs
  • LEED-certified energy modeling program
  • Access to LEED software for project analysis
  • Facility use and optimization analysis compliant with LEED guidelines
  • LEED project compliance evaluations


For more information about The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation, and how to get your project LEED certified, please call Wadsworth Solutions today at (419) 861-8181,or visit the LEED informational page.