The Wadsworth Energy Solutions Group provides facilites improvements to existing through turnkey energy projects. Since no two customers are alike in needs and wants for their facility, this group develops a customized, comprehensive solution for each client, combining desired improvements with recommended energy enhancements and upgrades. The final combined project will generate energy savings to fund the overall project. We also guarantee pricing with no change orders due to missed items or errors. This promise further reduces risk to the customer. As stated, the projects are turnkey. We include everything from engineering to implementation to accomplish the stated scope of work. Single source accountability is a part of every turnkey project. Wadsworth takes the finger-pointing out of the projects by offering a single point of contact for every comprehensive project.
Experience is important. Jeff Feasby, P.E., is the general manager of the energy group. Jeff has involved
himself in energy project sales, development, and implementation for over 20 years. In this time, he has
developed and implemented over $200 million in guaranteed energy savings performance contracts –
never missing a guarantee. Sean Weber is the operations manager of the energy group. He has
experience designing mechanical HVAC systems, installing and programming building automation
systems. In the last four years, Sean has been project manager on projects totaling over $35 million with
total utility savings of over $4 million dollars.
Savings are guaranteed. This guarantee means projected cashflows will be met and minimize risk to the
customer. Many competitors offer projected or stipulated energy savings. Stipulated savings not met
by vendors give the customer little or no recourse. Wadsworth Energy Solutions has financial
accountability to the customer even after the project is complete by offering an energy savings
guarantee. This accountability will ensure that systems are designed and optimized to provide comfort
first – combined with energy savings to meet financial goals.
High-quality design and best value-focused, Wadsworth Energy Solutions is part of the Lion’s Share
Group, which provides service and preventative maintenance for equipment, equipment sales,
temperature controls, security systems, fire alarm systems, and mechanical contracting. By performing
many of the scope items typical to an energy project in-house, the quality and accountability are higher,
and the costs are lower by avoiding multiple levels of markup. That said, many times, we are requested
to use specific contractors by the customer. We are happy to utilize outside subcontractors to perform
work. Our managers are working managers, not just overhead costs on the project. They stay invested
in the project from start to finish. The chart below shows actual savings for Wadsworth Energy
Solutions vs. some of our competitors.